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                       LinksDid you know.........................All Clark County School District buses now use an Alternative Fuel called Biodiesel?  That's what the sticker on the back of their buses is for.  Look at the bottom of this page for an article about the alternative fuel.  


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What good is a site without links.  Have fun and click on these links for other great sites!! (of course after seeing mine first).
Anyone found a CCSD bus from the 70's, and took a picture of it?  Click here to find out how to send it!!

Buses 97917 (front) and 97931 (back) at a Friday Football game at EHS on 9/12/03.

(Above) A picture not in the Thomas Gallery on this site.  First with animation created by me.

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Bus Manufacturers School Bus publication sites Other Bus sites from all over the country
Other articles on CCSD

Bus Manufacturers:

  • Thomas Built Buses
    • Since the first Thomas Built bus rolled off the assembly line in 1936, we've focused entirely on delivering the smartest, most innovative buses in North America.

      Today, we manufacture a full line of Thomas Built Buses for the commercial transit, school bus and specialty vehicle markets. And, we back these products with exceptional customer support from some of the most knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly employees anywhere.

      Thomas Built Buses, Inc., is a member of the Freightliner LLC group. Freightliner LLC is a DaimlerChrysler company. Headquartered in High Point, N.C., USA, the company supports several manufacturing operations in the United States.

    • Taken from
  • Blue Bird
    • Blue Bird Corporation is one of the world's leading bus manufacturers, delivering thousands of school buses, commercial buses and recreational vehicles to the market each year.

      Founded in 1927, Blue Bird has nearly 3,000 employees and four facilities in three countries. Blue Bird has an extensive network of distributors and service parts facilities throughout North America.

      Blue Bird Corporation is a fully owned subsidiary of Henlys Group plc.

    • Taken from

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School Bus publication/information sites:

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Other Bus Fan/Driver sites from all over the country and the world: Go to contact form to add yours!! (Descriptions in quotes are directly from their sites, and written by the site builder or webmaster).  I've seen all these great sites:

  • Rob's Bus Yard
    • "This website is dedicated to the buses of the Clark County School District"  This site is another CCSD school bus picture site.
  • George's School Bus Zone on Yahoo!!
    • Need more George's SCHOOL BUS ZONE?  Join this great group and get exclusive news, photos, downloads, and other great stuff from members of this group I started.  This group is what you make it, so JOIN TODAY!!
  • Greg's School Bus Garage
    • "Welcome to Greg's School Bus Garage!  This is the place for all bus fans!  We feature a list of links and pictures of buses from Ohio as well as many other states."
  • Mike's Bus Yard
    • Another great website of pictures and other great information.  Go visit Mike's Bus Yard today!!
  • The Buskid's Web Page
    • "Welcome to, one of the only web pages on the Internet completely dedicated to one of California's greatest specialty builders: Crown Coach Corporation."

  • The Bus Kid's School Bus Photo Collection

    • "Welcome to, one of the many websites on the Internet specializing in school bus photos."

  • School Bus Central

    • Another great site updated every month.  Has A large photo gallery of buses from all over the country, Forums, Submission information, and Links to other great sites.  Make School Bus Central one of your next bus stops.

  • Michigan School Bus Pictures

    • Pictures of school buses from South East & South West, Michigan.

  • School Bus Enthusiast
    • "Welcome to the newest school bus site on the web, The School Bus Enthusiast!
         Here, you can find photos of the buses that  interests you most plus there will be a page dedicated to photoshops of buses."
  • The School Bus Yard
    • One of the main School Bus Photo websites which inspired many of the School Bus Photo sites created now.
    • This site isn't updated anymore, but it's great to look at.  The last update was May 2001.
  • School Bus Explorer
    • School Bus Explorer features photographs and information on school buses in the United States and Canada.
  • The Bus Station
    • "The BUS STATION is now one of the biggest resources for bus-related links on the Web. Like the Web, it's growing rapidly, and you can find here links to the whole spectrum of bus-related topics. Organised geographically, you'll find here links to bus operators, builders, dealers, refurbishers, model shops. You'll find them alongside the fan sites, the photographers, the fleetlists, the historians, the preservationists. You'll find TV shows, trolleybuses, streetcars and trams, also school buses, people who live in buses, even people who race buses."
  • Ted's Model Bus Photos
    • Pictures of realistic school bus models made by Ted (aka SuperiorGMC1963 on the School Bus Fleet Magazine Forums).  You must see these great models and other great pictures of older buses!!
  • Jake's School Bus Yard
    • This site has pictures of school bus drawings to look at.
  • Francisco's CAT site
    • "This site is dedicated to pictures of buses of Citizens Area Transit(CAT) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  You will find pictures, the all-time fleet roster and other things related to CAT."

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Other information on Clark County School Buses:

  • Thomas Built Buses - Customer Observations
    • "Thomas is the only manufacturer that can meet our requirement of a 90 passenger Type D bus," said Frank Giordano, vehicle maintenance coordinator at CCSD. "The Saf-T-Liner is a good looking bus and is equipped with the engine and transmission we like."
    • Description from
  • District tests high-tech inspection tool
    • "LAS VEGAS — An innovative safety inspection system that uses handheld readers and strategically positioned “tags” on school buses is helping to verify that bus drivers at Clark County School District in Las Vegas,, perform their pre- and post-trip inspections. The system developed by Seattle-based Zonar Systems also eliminates the paperwork that goes along with inspections."
  • Thomas Built Buses, Inc.
    • Thomas’ new Saf-T-Liner HD school bus has been well received at schools across the country. Three recent orders, totaling more than 250 buses, have been placed from Maryland, Michigan and Nevada.
    • Clark County Schools
      Slated to be delivered after July 1, the 50 Saf-T-Liner buses will join the more than 600 Thomas Built Buses currently servicing the school’s transportation needs. The new transit style vehicles will come equipped with a state-of-the-art air conditioning system.

      "The Saf-T-Liner is a quality product," said Ronald Despenza, director of transportation for Clark County School District. "The vehicle’s factory installed air conditioning unit provides maximum cooling and the rear engine compartment allows for easy access to the vehicle’s engine, hoses, and other various componentry."

      The buses were purchased through Coach & Transit, Inc. in Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Clark County School District Wins National Partners Award

    • "The Clark County School District accepted yet another award for its use of biodiesel to power its school buses. During the May 22 awards breakfast at the National Clean Cities Conference, the school district received the Clean Cities National Partners Award for using biodiesel in more than 1,200 school buses operating in Clark County. Accepting the award on behalf of the school district was Frank Giordano, Coordinator of Vehicle Maintenance."

    • From .PDF file at, link above.

    On Channel 3 (KVBC)

  • Clark County Running Short Of Qualified School Bus Drivers

    • Video (Click to see)

    • February 14, 2005

  • An Inside Look At What School Bus Drivers Face Every Day

    • Video (Click to see)

    • February 18, 2005


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An article on the Alternative Fuel from

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From the School Bus Fleet Magazine Forums about a CCSD Saf-T-Liner HDX delivery sighting in Longview, Texas of 24912:

Click here: School Bus Fleet Magazine - Thomas Saf-T-Liners

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