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After the All-American FE, CCSD bought the TC/2000.  They bought it in an 84 student capacity from 1993-94, then later in 1999, they started buying it in the smaller size mainly for the Special Education student transportation.  They've also bought it before then in the smaller size but didn't in the years 1993 - 1998 (Thomas' were in 93, 94).  The Mini Bird (or smaller buses) aren't bought anymore; I'm thinking it's because of the low capacity of students it holds which would waste fuel and money to pay the extra drivers.  In 1994, the larger 84 passenger buses had a door on the rear right side which looked like it was supposed to be a wheelchair bus, but some of them were wheelchair buses (947--) and some were used for regular student transportation (948--).  The 1994's with lifts were bought for inclusion of special needs students so they could ride in regular transportation.  Buses are still bought like that.  The 1994 model for CCSD also had an Emergency Door on the left side which was the first time they ever had one.  The 1994 TC2000 was the last large capacity school bus made by Blue Bird here.  The last thing I have to tell you about the 1994 is that it had on the left side of the entrance/exit door when you enter on the exterior a "Blue Bird Handy Bus" logo on it.  That's the only large (bus used for regular transportation) capacity bus to have that.

1991 TC/2000

Bus Number:  91522W

Location:  Stanford Elementary School bus pickup area on Harris.

Interesting feature:  The front engine sticks out a little to this weird shape which makes it look like a strange looking flat front bus.  Sorry there's no picture of it here, but on Rob's Bus Yard there's one he took from the same model year.

1993 TC/2000NEW!!

Bus Number:  93832

Location:  Arville Bus Yard

Interesting Stuff:  This was one of the first TC/2000 buses that were bought to carry regular routes.  This bus is the same one I rode to school on in 6th grade!!  I just keep finding buses I rodeon when I was in school.  The crossing control arm (The wire on the front bumper used to make students cross the street a certain distance so the driver can see them) was replaced on this bus.  I remember that 94827 crossing control arm was damaged when I rode that bus, but has the same one put on the bus when it was new, but this bus has the newer one (from what it had before).


1994 TC/2000 

Bus Number:  94827

Location:  Arville Bus Yard

Interesting Stuff:  This was the same bus I rode in 6th grade in the afternoon.  I saw this bus when I passed by driving around to find a parking space.  I also got the bus I rode in the morning in 6th grade, 93832.  This bus had the side emergency door, rear emergency door, and door on the rear right side that says "No Exit."  You notice the bus number says it's the 84 capacity for both.  The "8" is the capacity, that same year they had a "7" also.  I know you can't see the side well in the picture on the right (rear) because when I was about to take that picture, another 1994 TC/2000 pulled in to the right.  But you can see the side of the same model in the same picture in the background (a little bit).

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