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Did you know.....................All buses here have white roofs to keep the inside cooler in the summer.  Almost every bus has Air Conditioning.

Have you ever wondered why on Thomas buses the roof slopes upward or downward in the driver's area?  Here is your answer:

The Thomas Built Buses bodies in the CCSD have a headroom height in the driver area of about 75 1/2 inches, and goes downward to their standard 73 inch height.  If you see that the roof goes upward from the driver area, then they ordered the optional 78 inch headroom.  "This allows one exterior sheet metal transition piece to be used on either headroom option; the piece faces high end forward for 73" and rearward for 78"," Allan Haggai, Marketing and Sales Support for Thomas Built Buses

Saf-T-Liner HDX Page 2

Saf-T-Liner ER Page 2

Saf-T-Liner EF Page 2

Saf-T-Liner MVP ER Page 2




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